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Wildly Floral

Once again the amazing Hollie Velten from Spaces By Hollie recruited Virden Home for another floral & gift shop. Nestled on the corner of Scotland & Valley in South Orange, this space w/ its rustic tin ceiling held a lot of potential and charm.

Virden Home was hired to GV the project and build several custom pieces as well as find storage, masking, and display solutions for merchandise and flowers.

Considering how large the space was, a must-have for the client was a walk in refrigerator for floral storage. Virden Home coordinated the installation of this massive 9x10 unit, which are prefab and not very attractive. The unit was eventually masked w/ a stucco-ed wall that had various size niches.

Another must-have was an exposed work area that could double as storage. This area could also be used for customers to build their own bouquets. In front of said area would be what we "the cake ," a tiered system to showcase various flowers you could pick for your bouquet.

Natural finished birch was the wood species of choice. It was going to be displayed throughout the shop through countertops, shelves, and tables. The plywood edge was choicefully left exposed to showcase it's unique layered pattern.

This choice could be well scene on some of the wall shelving created for storage.

Additional floating shelves and a display bench were also built to look as if they were growing out of the wall.

A larger project was a custom display table for the center of the space. The grandeur of the table really showcased the use the birch.

And our favorite build of them all, the cash wrap. This unit was massive and was rounded to soften its size. The interior consisted of storage shelves w/ a cork backing. The counter top again with the layered birch. The face 2x6 glazed earth Zellige tiles. It was a true beauty and given its size and weight was actually built in the store!

Lastly, to finish off the space a few bespoke pieces:

Custom tambour plant stands.

Zellige 4x4 tile pedestals & bench

Wildly Floral was completed in the beginning of 2022 is is currently a staple flower & gift shop in South Orange Village. It was one of Virden Home's favorite projects to this day. The owner Josi Stone shares similar passions and beliefs to Virden Home in sustainability via compost, recycling, reusing, local sourcing, and more. We highly recommend you swing by and check out her amazing shop.

Special thanks again to Hollie Velten from Spaces By Hollie Velten for providing us this opportunity to create something so beautiful with the two of them!

*Photo credit: Thomas Leonczik & Wildly Floral Insta account

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